About UCICKI Remix

UCICKI Remix is the ultimate game combining every game from the !()[UCI Circle K website] into one game! Players play from a selection of 18 minigames in rapid-fire succession for the highest score to be the ultimate UCICKI gaming champion. The game format was inspired by the show “Genius Junior” and “WarioWare”.

Development Process

This is still a work in progress! Check back soon!


This game takes inspiration from Genius Junior and WarioWare. It was decided that the game would adapt Genius Junior’s rapid-fire questions and time mechanic in the Cortex while introducting mini-games as the puzzles the player would solve.

In total, there were 8 games on the UCICKI website that needed to be ported to this game using the GameMaker: Studio engine. The reason why this engine was used is because most of the games to be ported were made in GM:S and it also allows for touch-screen interactions for mobile devices. The game would then be playable on any device that supports a web browser.

The remaining 10 games are original games, some inspired from the Cortex and some inspired by other aspects related to the UCICKI club activities.

Porting The Games to the GM:S Engine

8 games needed to be ported. Some were easy to port, while others had to be reconstructed from scratch or forked from other open-source projects.

Some Additional Information

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