We developed a prototype design for an efficient shopping experience that embeds the store kiosk concept into mobile devices and optimizes the route shoppers take to purchase items. Our prototype allows users to add shopping items to a digitized shopping list and find the fastest route to gather all the items on the list. We utilized Figma to visualize our design and interviewed testers that provided their thoughts on a mobile-enhanced shopping experience that uses location services and image recognition. We found that potential users have varying shopping habits that can be enhanced by ubiquitous technology.

Arthur J. Tham and Neeraj P. Dharmadhikari. 2021. ShoppinGo: A Mobile Application Prototype for Efficient Shopping. In Informatics 241 Winter ’21, March 17, 2021, Informatics 241, CA. ACM, Irvine, CA, USA, 8 pages.

CCS CONCEPTS • Human-centered computing ~ Ubiquitous and mobile computing ~ Ubiquitous and mobile devices ~ Smartphones • Networks ~ Network services ~ Location based services • Human-centered computing ~ Human computer interaction (HCI) • Security and privacy ~ Human and societal aspects of security and privacy

Additional Keywords and Phrases: Augmented reality, Optimization, Indoor navigation, Iterative design, Shopping, Flow charts, Prototyping.

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